Villa ES

Location: Brezovicë, Kosova

Area: 240m²

Year: 2022

Status: Built


Located in the Sharr Mountains at an altitude of 1100m, the design of this project was driven by environmental circumstances to make the best use of the site's natural features. The composition of the structures, as well as their unique architecture, was driven by site conditions, region character, views to the resulting landscape and last but not least the client requirements. The simple geometric shapes, the pitched roof as a typical element, and the light interventions in the facades are enriched using natural materials: wood and stone.

The first glance can be taken at the entrance, which leads you to the center of the villa, at which point you get acquainted with the key premises of the villa floor: the living room and the kitchen with the dining area.

The main element of the living space is wood, which is accompanied by modern furniture and paintings with traditional motifs. The large living room windows visually approach the panoramic landscape and offer pleasant lighting and transmit warm rays during harsh winters.

The fireplace is a cozy relaxation corner and a continuation of the surrounding elements in terms of the use of materials and furniture.

The idea of the unique kitchen design lies in making it look like a modern functional environment that synchronizes with the rest of the interior, instead of designing a typical kitchen.

A calm and warm environment has been composed in the master bedroom with the use of tiles with stone appearance, floor from natural wood, and modern furniture with simple shapes and light colors. The large windows provide a spectacular view on the outside.

The upper part of the villa is intended to offer a warm mountain environment, with simple shapes typical of the area and all covered with wood. A day spent in the mountain nature cannot be wrapped up better than with a game of billiards accompanied by a nice cocktail, with long conversations and good books.

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