Villa BS

Location: Brezovicë, Kosova

Area: 200m²

Year: 2021

Status: Built


Villa BS is a stunning interior design project situated in the breathtaking mountain area of Brezovicë, Kosova. The 200m² space has been expertly designed with a modern aesthetic, providing a sleek and stylish living space that is both practical and comfortable.

The interior design of Villa BS is a work of art, with a minimalist approach to the color scheme. White walls and ceilings provide a bright and airy atmosphere, while wood flooring adds warmth and texture to the space. Some walls are covered with wood panels, creating an organic feel and a connection to the surrounding nature. Tiles also make an appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

One of the most striking features of this project is the fireplace, which has been designed with natural stone. The natural stone brings a rustic charm to the space, while the modern design keeps it fresh and contemporary.

The staircase is another key point of the project, with wood-covered steps that lead to the upper level. On one side, a solid steel panel railing provides a sturdy handhold, while on the other side, a custom design railing with metal rods allows for an open view of the living room below.

Overall, Villa BS is an exquisite interior design project that perfectly blends modern aesthetics with natural elements. The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship makes this space a true masterpiece, offering a comfortable and stylish living environment that is sure to impress.

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